Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I miss Zy so freaking much! )):
Ya i know he's coming out in a coupla days. But i haven't talked to him on the phone for almost a week alr ): His phone battery died. He had to use his bunk mate's phone to text me every now & then. Though it's just a few msges sent, at least i get to hear from him. Oh well. I just really miss him so so much! Seriously can't wait for him to come out. & Am excited to see him this Friday. So looking forward to it. Especially to see how he looks like now! ^^ Hee.

Anyhoos, Des, Yong Yi & Ri Yan came over to my place to bake cookies today (: I had much fun laughing & all. It was really an awesome time spent with them. It's been long since we last saw Des anyway. Glad to finally see her :D

Ok bye. Ima start mugging again. Was having a short break.

P.S. Tmr i will be be updating on the baking session i had with my friends today. I'll type out the recipe here so those of you who wish to try out the recipe & bake it for your loved ones, feel free to do so if you're gonna use the recipe i used (: It's a reliable recipe. Don't worry :D

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