Thursday, August 13, 2009


You're a year older. Which means you're slightly more matured. Too bad tt sentence doesn't apply to you. LOL (((: For the MANY gezillion times tt you dissed me, i shall forgive you. Cause i'm sucha nice cousin (: So as you grow older each year, STOP DISTURBING ME! Go find a new target. I hope you have enjoyed your birthday & the presents from us (: Lastly, pls be NORMAL & hurry graduate from Tanglin :DDDDD

I do not have the pictures of Javier's birthday celebration today. However, i will post them up once i have received them. Anyhoos, after school the 16 of us headed to The Cathay to catch a movie & eat at Astons for dinner. Beloved & i did not watch the movie. So we walked around while waiting for em. 7 of em joined us for dinner after tt. Total of 23 ppl. Had to wait quite awhile before we received our seats. Dinner at Astons was awesome (: The food is cheap & delicious. I highly recommend tt restaurant! :D Though the queue was long, it's worth the wait. Plus we had a really good scenery.

I promise to upload the pictures asap! (:

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