Sunday, September 28, 2008

Being alone and being not alone.
There's no difference anyway.
I hope you wouldn't think that way.
Cause no, you are never alone.

Service was pretty alright today. Adrain' saved! Haha yes (: Headed to Changi airport t3 to eat. & I saw some of the strikeforce members there. Adrain went over to say hello. Then they called me over. They couldn't even recognize me can. They said i changed alot & i look taller (Thanks to my heels). LOL. They kept staring at me trying to figure out who i am? Until i open my mouth to talk then they remembered who i am. Lol. Voice never changes. Studied at airport.

Next half of N levels are tomorrow. Tomorrow's the most crucial papers. Combine Science & Math paper 1. Omggg! This icky feeling is killing me. I feel like I'm not studying enough. I can't seem to stay focus. My mind keeps drifting off to some other stuff that's bugging me like crazy. & it's seriously pulling me down. I NEED/MUST/HAVE to keep my mind focused! Last paper ends at 4pm. Gonna be a long long day. Sigh* Really tired. If only i've got supersonic powers. No wait, scratch tt out. More like supersonic brains! Hate studying. In fact, who doesn't? Shall blog another time. Gotta bury my head in books. Nothing's impossible through chirst.

All i want right now, is to be able to jump on you and hug you and squeeze you till death. I want to be able to exclaim how much i love you. I am drowning in the "i love you"s that i whisper to myself everyday. I'd rather wake up everyday to you sneezing in my face than to kiss another stranger. So just to occupy one minute of your day, i'd do anything. Just to stay at the corner of your heart. It's amazing how i'm filled with such love that doesn't fade. If only you feel the same.


DouDou was super naughty. The moment i came home, she ran to me wagging her tail. & Immediately dashed towards the part-time maid attempting to bite her. She was trying to show me tt she's protecting the house. & No, this is not her first time doing tt. She always show off to my family tt she does protect the house only when we're home. She kept biting whatever cleaning equipment the maid used to clean the house. I had to carry her away. But i gotta admit, she's incredibly cute though (:

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