Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And how we ran across the roads in the rain
With your arm around me

Our words so perfectly entwined

We part only to meet again.

Haven't been able to blog cause my mum changed the comp password again. & My dad's laptop has some problems. Anyway, i asked my mum for permission to use the main comp & she gave me the password! :DDD Only for today. Cause i studied the whole day. Lol.
Anyhoo, Chemistry class was kinda fun today. Made a fool of myself but hey, at least people laughed. Stacy kept saying my hair is messy & retied my hair more than 3 times. Plus she tied my hair damn high. I looked like some girl in a fighting Chinese show -.- & My Chemistry teacher saw & said ' Nadine you should tie your hair like that the whole day.' She was pretty irritated as Stacy & i kept disrupting her class. Lol. Studied with friends after school at Braddell macs.
Next week is the next half of the N levels. Ugh i want it to end fast!!

When i get to use the comp again.. Till then! :D

Some days the whole world seems upside down. And then some how, and probably, and when you least expect it, the world rights itself again. I'm one of them. The ones who believe in the rainbow after the flood; the sunshine after the rain, how things will always turn out good in the end.


DouDou seems to like the sun alot.

The lovely journal zy got me (: Thank you! I love it cause it's blue & the design is really pretty :D

Daphne my precious kamgong girlfriend! (:
Read your blog. I'm sorry for being late in being there for you. I send you a friendster message already. Hopefully it cheers you up. No matter what it is, perk up okay. Problems are temporary. But it becomes permanent only if one keeps harping over it. Don't let this take a toll on you. You've got me to lean on! :D I love you & smile okay. We'll meet up real soon together with Claris. Stay strong kamgong :DD I wanna see a happy & cheerful Daphne! (:

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