Saturday, August 30, 2008

I need to be far away.
Far from everything that's holding me back.
It's taking a toll on me & i can't breathe.
All these torturous symptoms are killing me bit by bit.

Watched Stacy & Glady's Chinese dance performance today. Yun Hao, Justin, Di Kai, Yazid & i together with some of my classmates went to watch their performance. Their troupe 'Huay guan'. The performance was great. Stacy & Gladys daced really well :DDD It was money well spend. Stacy had quite a number of flowers. In fact, the whole performance done by the troupe was awesome.

Afternoon was awesome awesome awesome. What more can i ask for. My dose of happiness that keeps me from being down.

All the performers. (:

Stacy! Doesn't she look pretty? & She danced really well :DD

Stacy & I :D

Gladys!! She danced well too ((: It was easy spotting her as she was one of the tallest.

Yazid (: Who didn't even understand the dance when they were talking. LOL.

Justin, me & Yun Hao(The emo one)

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