Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You cage me like a prisoner.
Boudaries you made restricting me from doing so.
Oh how i wish i had wings.
Wings that would take me far and wide.
Freedom, that's all i ask for.

Had Chinese P1 & English P1 prelims today. Hmm. Chinese paper was alright i guess. I read the question and i went 'wth?' Lol. I know how to do. I just don't know how to read. Eng was quite alright too. But to me it's much more challenging than the rest of the exam papers. I hope i wrote well though. The hall was freezing even though i brought my jacket. It didn't feel like i was sitting for my prelims. Cause the examination hall had some unnecessary noise every now & then. Lol. Had lunch with Beloved, Lian & Stacy in school. (:

After that studied with Steph. I must really thank her for helping me with my Geog. She gave me a rough sketch for what to study and organised it so neatly for me. Haha. She left after an hour or so. I stayed on and studied till 9.40pm. Al came at 7.34pm. He just stared at me study throughout. I used him as a student and taught him. Help me remember easier. Lol. He listened to me talk till he got really tired, as his eyes turned red. He kept playing with my fringe -.- & smile to himself. Like a spastic person. LOL. Still, at least he accompanied me for so long & treated me to haagen daaz strawberry & cheese ice cream :DDD

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