Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let the sun shine upon us.
I'm not gonna hide, no i'm gonna come clean.
Time for us to stop this pretense.

It's freaking early in the morning & i'm blogging -.- It's 7am for crying out loud!! & It's a Thursday! Why am i up so early at this time?? School starts in an hour 3o mins. I SHOULD NOT BE AWAKE! Lol. I even nearly walked out of the house man. Thank goodness something suddenly popped up in my mind reminding me it's THURSDAY!!! I was thinking ' Eh? Isn't it Thursday today? & School starts at 8.30am what.' I turned to Tash asking her if today is Thursday. She said yeah & i started screaming. Tash was laughing at me -.- Why oh why am i so blur. Since i've got some time, i shall study (: Today's gonna be a really long day. & I hope it ends fast & smooth. Till then .. :DD

Absence makes the heart grow fonder <3

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