Saturday, December 27, 2008


24 Dec' 08

Went out with Justin, Javier, Yi Fu, Stacy, Yazid & Di Kai. Walked ard Far East. Met ShiKin to have lunch during her break. So happy to see her! (: Pictures are below.

25 Dec' 08

Sorry for the late wish. Haven't been on the comp for quite awhile. Spent Christmas at my mum's side. Reached home close to 3am. Had fun with my cousins (: Went for the candlelight service. It was such a spectacular sight! The whole room lighted up with candles. Really really beautiful. The drama- tremendously funny & the actors were awesome! (: This year's Christmas production is the best ever.

26 Dec' 08

Picnic spent with Zy at Mandai. A very quiet place. No one there. Beautiful scenery. Later in the night we watched 'Yes Man!'. A super hilarious movie. A MUST watch! (: I wanna watach Twilight. In fact, i wanna watch many movies. Lol. Anwyay, i had much fun over the past few days. School's gonna start ): Oh man.

I'm meeting ShiKin, Rai & Farna later! YAYYY! :D Ultra duper super happy. (((:

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