Friday, December 12, 2008

You're finally sixteen! Can watch NC16 movies alr. LOL. Anyway, you're alr so charming, so idk what else to say other than.. BE A GOOD BOY & treat nadine like a queen! HAHA. Kidding. Hope you had fun today. Will give you a belated present. Sorry bout tt! (:

Celebrated Justin's birthday today. Ate at Swensens then i left for the Edge concert. The dance was not bad. I like the storyline & the collaboration of ballet & hip hop. Nice (: Except tt the ending of the dance was kinda weird. People were waiting to see more steps till the guy bowed. But overall the dance was awesome! (: Many great performances too. Sermon was funny man. Lol. I enjoyed myself! Brother Edmund did a great great job in organising the past few emerge conf & this years edge! Cause all the performances are very entertaining to watch! :DD More than tt, Bro Edmuncd is my zone supervisor! LOL. Okay buyas. Anyway, Steph played the piano on stage today! WOOHOOO! Haha she's good kay ((:

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