Saturday, December 6, 2008

AHHHH OMG! I'm superrrr happy to the maxxx!! :DDDDDDDDD
I finally got my Canon eos 450d camera! OMGGGGG! AHHHHH! Not only the camera, the memory card, cam bag, tripod stand etc is alr bought for me! :DDDD This is the happeist day of my whole entire life! Now i don't have to use tt lousy digi spoilt cam! :DDD I'm seriously over the moon. It was after cg tt Zy passed me the gift. He hid the whole present behind the chest in my place & i didn't even notice. When he carried the thing to pass to me, i was stunned. My face lit up brighter than any lightbulb in the whole world man. OMGGG! I can't believe my long term wish finally came true.

& So, i wanna thank the people who made this wish come true.
  1. Zheng Yang
  2. Justin
  3. Javier
  4. Yi Fu
  5. Di Kai
  6. Stacy
  7. Gladys
  8. Joey
  9. Wei Siang
  10. Samuel
  11. Claris Beloved
  12. Daphne
  13. Anna
  14. Fenny
  15. Nicole
  16. Natasha
  17. Jarron
  18. Jarrod
  19. Raihanah
  20. Farna
  21. Shi Kin
  22. Yazid
  23. Brandon
  24. Jasmine
  25. Softball clique
  26. Wan Jing (Zy's sister)
To the above people tt chipped in to buy me this camera for my birthday, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! I know it cost super much. So thanks for pulling all your money together just to buy me the exact camera tt i've been longing for (: I can't ask for a better gift in the world than to have such thoughtful & incredibly awesome friends and a boyfriend that would go through so much effort & all just to get the camera for me. I can't thank you enough. I'm seriously feeling super high right now. I seriously didn't know you people were planning this all along. ((: Ahhhh thank you all & i really love the present super super much.

P.S. I WON'T LOOSE THE CAMERA!!! Lol. I'll guard it with my life! (:

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