Thursday, December 11, 2008

I could never get inside your head.
All i want, is to know what you want.
For you, to just open up.

Have a blessed birthday! ((: You're legally seventeen & finally on par with me & Claris. Haha (: I'll never forget the times where we threw ice at people from your house. LOL! (: Happy birthday!

Today is the last day of the wake. Woke up super early for the cremation. I'm super tired now. The cremation was obviously a sad one. People crying and all. After the cremation, rushed down to Zy's place to surprise him as it's our 2nd month today (: Spend some time with him before rushing off for my grandma's birthday party BBQ (Dad's side) at a chalet, which is super clean & has good facilities. Most of all, my uncles & aunties are all super funny. They speak to each other in Malay & Hokkien. As usual. & Cause we're all peranakans, they were saying don't ever bring a Baba to eat at a peranakan restaurant cause they'll always complain bout the food. My grandma's cooking was super delicious!! Esp her chilli. Yummy. Had fun but i'm really worn out. Shall let the pictures do the talking.

Cousins with Grandma before cutting cake (:

The four brothers with my grandma! (:

Grandma & Tash

Sean & Grandma

Tash & i

Cute right?? Both the mother & baby raised their hands!

Isn't she a gem? (:

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