Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everything is starting to make sense.

Words turned into action.
We're on fire, give me everything you are.

Whole day spent with Zy :DDD Super happy! Finally a full day with him. Anyway, i'm going Hong Kong for holiday in mid Dec. Super excited! SHOPPING! Woohoo! Lol.
& Mitchell texted me while in army saying ' All the people here are fat. Finally i feel so at home. ' I laughed super hard when i read the msg. LOL! Okay enough. Pictures shall tell my story. (:

P.S. I miss Raihanah, ShiKin, Farna, Ain & Nadhirah super much!! Meet soon kay? (:

Zy climbed out the window to my mum's room for fun -.-

Almost there..

SUCCESS! He didn't drop. LOL.

DouDou (: I'm bringing her to Sentosa this Sat! Superrrr happy! (: Can't wait :D

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