Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'll never let you go.
I'll never let you turn around; our back on each other

Went out with Beloved & Louis to catch a movie called ' Quarantine '. Super dizzy movie man. The movie's bout zombies & getting bitten, and the whole idea of rabies. Quite scary. Finally get to see Louis! (: He kept rushing me & Beloved to eat faster -.- We went to Funan to get Beloved's hard-disk. Damn idk what's a hard-disk. Louis told me to keep silent cause i'm embarrassing him -.- Idiot. Lol. Ima comp dummy. Need to upgrade my brain & change CPU. Lol.

Headed to riverwalk for bible study after tt. I got to see Zy!!! :DDDD Haha. Yes super happy kay. Never see tt ninny for 2 days. He said something SUPER hilarious on msn tt made me laugh so hard.

Nad : If i marry you next time, you better greet me when you come home from work.
YANG says: i will
YANG says: "OEI siao char bo! u home or not?"

Nad: Must say ' HONEY I'M HOME ! ' Then kiss me on the cheek. YANG says:" HONEY KISS MY ASSSSSSSSSSSS"

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