Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm a fool for falling head over heels for you.
& Now i've decided to give up.
No more late night talks &

Went for Stacy's love one's wedding. She looked so so prettty. Well, she already is. Gladys looked gorgeous too (: She's so tall. Make me feel even shorter -.- The wedding is really funny. One of the best weddings i've ever been to. Cause it isn't those common ones, it's damn fun. The bride & groom themselves made it fun. Anyhoos, before the wedding i met Mitchell to study. After tt went Stacy's grandma's place. Seriously all her relatives are damn funny. Especially her grandma. Her grandma's damn cute & funny. So is her mum :) Haha. One big happy funny family :DD

Pictures :D

P.S The dress i'm wearing was given to me by Alfred :DDDD He surprised me. I kinda suspected alr. But still, thanks Al. Maybe, just maybe, one day you might actually really succeed in giving me a surprise. That was really sweet of you though. Thanks for the dress. You knew how much i wanted it. You're a gem baby. (: & Grow fatter la you 'made up of bones' person. Yah you have muscles that are hidden behind your bones -.- You're so tinyyyyyy. Like a mouse.

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