Monday, February 4, 2008

I can change a new set of clothes everyday
But not change you.
Cause you're just too damn hot to lose baby

I got back from work around 11 plus. Alfred met me after work and we ate at Swensens. He paid! Like finally. Haha.
Okay whatever. Oh &.. I bumped into Rai & Farna! :D So happy. Lol.
Anyhoos, OAC camp was pretty fun. Had amazing race then steamboat. Had fun eating away & running around Singapore. Lol. After camp went out with Al. Was supposed to work but something cropped up so i didn't need to work. But Al bought me a Esprit top. I love it to the core! :DDD All smiles. He told me to wear it on his birthday -.- So much for buying a new dress to wear on his birthday. I was like' Er. Okay.' So thick skin. & What makes you think i'm gonna celebrate your birthday. Haha. We watched 27 dreeses. Bloody nice show :D
Going out with Beloved after school later. Later as in when school ends :D This post is typed at 1.21am. So it's dated 3 Feb already.
Oh &.. My dad talked to me 2 nights ago. He came home late at night and kept asking me why i keep skipping school. He don't believe that i don't wanna go school just cause i simply hate school & waking up so early in the morning. He talked to me about him and Al, again. -.- Anyway, he said something that actually made me tear. He said' You guys(my siblings & i) are very fortunate. Most parents don't give their kids money during the hols. But i still give cause i want you guys to be able to buy the things that you're want. You think driving a cab is so easy. It's very tiring and requires hardwork. I give up my career for your mother and you guys. I come home early to take care of you're. Especially you.' Ahhh i felt damn bad that i always make him worry & scold me. Before he left, he kissed me on the cheek and smiled. So sweet right. I love my dad despite his constant naggings. <3

5 more days to the twins birthday. (: Will be going out with them next next week.

Okay i'm done here. CNY is around the corner. Gonna be a pretty busy weekend. (: Okay bye.

Anything goes when you don’t even care
When you’re this far in love
You read your book baby I’ll float away
Takin’ a nap on your lap in the shade
I could hold your hand all day

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