Monday, February 11, 2008

The greatest fun i ever had
The ever so fun people i hung out with

Awesome memories lies at Shelford road.

9 Feb woke up damn early to go visiting with Stacy, HuiMin & Gladys. After that went to the gig to support Kamal's band. (: It was GREAT! I've never been to a gig before. So yeah. At first it was kinda amusing seeing the people mosh. Kinda scary & violent. At least i got to see ShiKin, Shaa, Nadhirah, Rara & Ika. Met new friends. All nice people (: After the gig went to find Rai with girlfriends. ShiKin was sick. Wanted to send her home. But she left first. Overall, the gig was bloody nice. :D
Oh &.. It was me & Al's 5th month. <3 style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 153, 0);font-family:arial;" >6 MORE DAYS TO YOUR BIRTHDAY! <3

10 Feb after church went visiting with Beloved, Mitchell & Rus. It was extremely fun to the max!
Rus's house is nice and cozy. Beloved's ponie was dressed up in her tee. So cute. After that it was my house then Mitchell's. We played at Mitchell's house till 11pm plus. Bloody fun to the effing core. We skateboarded , roller blade & scooter. Damn funny. & I fell while standing on the skateboard -.- Now my wrist is pain. GAH!

School was fun only after recess. I go crazy only after recess. ShiKin's ill. I wrote her a letter & ask Yazid to pass to her. Yazid sits next to me in Maths lesson. Lol. We're paired in a way that the stronger one has to help the other. So i have to help him. ShiKin, see i'm so nice to your damn brother. & He called me 'DENG DENG'! What deng deng?! After school went out with Louis & Al. Saw Daphne! :D Got to hug her real tight. ((: Then they came my place. I was sleeping. Lol. Louis left then me & Al went to play at a open space. He roller blade i skate. Damn fun.

Okay that's all folks :D

I never knew i'd go this far with you
Neither did i have any clue i'd love you this much
Though my past is what's holding me back from loving you to the fullest,
The best is yet to come.
I can't promise you all the riches in the world,
But i could at least try, for your sake
I guess i knew all along, that everything will fall into place
I love you <3

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