Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures of you & me in black and white
Spread across this unpolished wooden floor
I don't think i can go any further

Just got back from camp. I'm dead tired. I woke up really late. When i woke up i was left alone in the room with Chris and SK. Lol. I was like.. Where the hell is everybody. I rushed like mad when i saw everyone at the field. I woke up an hour late. Anyway, YunHao kept disturbing the whole time when i was sleeping. I was practically drained on the first day itself. The councilors kept saying i'm emo -.- I was just feeling lethargic. It was raining quite heavily too. I was standing in the rain the whole time. Justin and i were the game masters for Modified Baseball. Justin took care of the boys, and i took the girls. Plus i was bloody blur on that day man. Blur to the core. Can't blame me, i have a valid reason :D Haha. I felt like a crazy person jumping up and down just to keep the atmosphere high. Lol. Cause some sec 1 classes were so quiet. After the game stuff, it was already evening. So by then i was drained. & Mitchell came! (: He covered my eyes thinking i didn't know it was him. Lol. But i was glad to see him. The brothers, me & Desiree walked around the school while the sec ones were doing their stuff. We slacked in the AVA room. When i was taking a short nap, they left me inside the room all alone. I only realized after 5 mins? Lol. I felt so dumb. I didn't even know how to open the door. & They were hiding somewhere until i heard laughter. So mean can. Plus i should have just press this button to open the door. I wasted my time trying to pry open the locks. Lol. They laugh non stop uh. Late night the sec ones were watching some ghosts movies. The Jr.councilors were freaking mean. They were scaring the sec ones along the way. There was constant screaming the whole time. Fazli, his this really cute-chubby boy, who was one of the people scaring the sec ones, pulled my shirt to ask me to hide -.- Then off he went scaring them. Overall, the camp was pretty alright. & Stacy sprained her ankle. She was hobbling the whole time.

:DD That's all weirdos.

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