Thursday, January 10, 2008

Above all else,
You're still my hero
This is the greatest fall of all time.
Give me joy-pills.

Crap school changed so much. Ever Wednesday end at 5.30pm. ): Ahhhh so late. Want to escape also can't. Bloody school lock the gates. We're like their prisoners -.- Yesterday at 2.30pm the stall vendors don't let us buy anymore food cause we had to go up to the hall and obviously everybody refused go up. But no choice. Louis said we're part time prisoners. Haha. Damn funny. Anyway, now i have 2 ccas. I&E and OAC. Hopefully i can cope. There's OAC training tmr. I DESPERATELY need chinese tuition. My mum's helping me find a Physics & Chem tutor too. Soon my days will be filled with tuition. Ahhh study study study. For a person who strongly detest studying, i think my brain will explode anytime soon. I wish i was like my siblings. They study so much. Crazy people. But their're damn smart. I guess that's the difference between me & them.

This sucks. Everything sucks. I'm searching intently for a light that'll lead me out of darkness. Don't ask me why or what happen. Feeling down, i'm back to square one. Whatever. ):

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