Sunday, September 4, 2011

My does of happiness!

DouDou has been having skin problems & keeps scratching/biting till her skin becomes really Red. Hv been bringing her to several vets but none worked. The WORST vet ever wld be the one located @ TPY. I cnt rmbr the location but i knw it's like near warehouses & it is VERY small. My mum brought DouDou to the one @ Balestiar & they were awesome! The medicine they prescribed for her is def working & we were told to rinse her w salt water everyday, feed her nothing but fruits, veg, rice or her dried oats. Her condition is def improving A LOT! She is no longer scratching tt often & i am glad she is recovering (: We hv paid extra attention to her too as the veterian said she is v stressed as she is usually bored as most of us aren't hme in the morn & afternoon. So she starts licking/scratching herself out of boredom.

DouDou (: I shaved her fur so tt her skin condition can heal faster. I love her big round eyes! So adorable.

Here's a vid of her playing & doing tricks! Mad cute! Happy tilting ur heads though! :x Sorry bout tt. Heh ^^

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