Friday, May 14, 2010

Hellloooo! I'm mega bored now. Having a 3 hr break! Lol. So long right. My class ordered Macs. LOL. Since i've got some time to spare, shall share some pics & info with ya'll! (: Can't wait to meet Stussy & Beloved later! ^^


DouDou wearing her new Polka Dot ribbon! Heh. So cute! ^^

22 May 2010 12pm - 8pm Pit Building Free Entry.
Girls who love to shop, it's a MUST for you to go down! (: Don't worry, the place is fully air conditioned. Lol. I wanna go also cannot )): Oh well. There's always more to come!

Drawn by my classmate. LOL. Cause of the Math faci who keeps touching our screens with his pen which irritates us. Lol

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