Friday, May 7, 2010

Currently having my lunch break now. My team finished doing our presentation even before the break started. LOL. Played L4D2 with my classmates.. DAMN FUNNY! All noobs. LOL. My head is spinning! The side effects of playing L4D2 ):

Anyhoos, i have finished designing the Eco-Bag! It's a competition organised by Suntec City. We are to use only recycled items to design the canvas bag. My school advertised it & encouraged Art students to take part. So i decided to give it a try (: Since it's something i've always wanted to do. Will post pictures of it when i have the time! I actually love the design & am quite satisfied with it! :D


MR KICK-ASS! Mega adorbale to the max rightttt???! So cute can! Lol. If i ever see someone who looks exactly like tt, i will go up to him & kick him to see how far he can actually fly ((: Looks very kickable right?? Heh ^^

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