Saturday, July 4, 2009

This ain't just a thing that you give up.
Don't say i'm better off without you boy.
I don't wanna loose you, so wake up.

I need sleep! No wait, PEACEFUL sleep. Last night DouDou kept waking me up every now & then. Late in the night, she'd start barking non-stop till i open the door to either let her in/out. It is damn irritating! & When she's too lazy to jump onto my bed, she'll bark at me till i wake up & carry her up. Now tell me, how am i supposed to sleep?! You can say just ignore her. Well, nice advice but no. It definitly will not work! Cause she'd bark non-stop! & I mean really non-stop. Like tt is bad enough.. She scratches at the door AND bark. -.- She's always sleeping in comfort. Sleeping on the floor to her is like a punishment. The green armchair is her self-proclaimed bed. Anyone who sits on it, she'd come to you and bark at you to get off if she feels like sleeping on it. So bossy right? But most of the time we don't bother. Lol. Well, though she may be a really irritaiting furball at times, she does have an endearing side (: Her huge eyes makes my heart melt. She's part of my cell group too. She yawns openly whenever it is sermon time, sleeps during praise & worship, & makes unneccesary noise every now & then. We can't put her in the room, she'll bark. & She arks damn loud. Most of all, she wouldn't stop! Lol. Oh well. Still, i love her (:

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