Thursday, July 16, 2009

I screwed up my Chinese oral -.- Literally. The reading passage was about Coffee shop or something. Quite a number of words idk how to read. That's like bad enough alr. I still stuttered and kept pausing. Really bad. Conversation? Worse!

Examiner: 报zhang报道, 除学会英语之外,现在许多学生 学会其他 语wen. 你认为怎么样?
Me: 我觉得除学会英语之外,我们也应该 学会科学,数学...
Examiner: 不是不是!
Me: Oh. (Stares at her blankly. Still trying to figure out what tt word means.)
Examiner: Language.
Me: (Starts rattling off, feeling like an idiot.)

Then she started asking me if i was interested in learning other languages. I was like 'Crap.' I ended up saying '日本话'. & There's no such thing as '日本话'! LOL. I vow the examiners looked like they couldn't wait to get rid of me. Like i was torturing them. Oh well. I hope for the best. I have no idea why majority of my classmates say it's easy. I guess i'm the only one who thinks it's quite tough? Lol.

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