Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reading to you about my thoughts from my diary
I expected you to say something in return
Yet you chose to stay silent
If i'd known, i would have never spoken a single word

Yesterday went for dance class with Wei Hong & Louis at Studio Wu. Saw quite afew people i knew on the way. Anyway, learned popping, locking and hip hop. The hip hop was okay uh. Cause i already know the basics. But hip hop is more to my preference. Popping must really have the muscles. Locking is fast. Popping's fun uh. Haha. After dance class went Suntec to walk around. WeiHong damn crappy la. Lol. His damn comical. But his dancing is not bad. We ate chocolate fondue! ((: He stole all my marshmallows la ): Ordered another plate of stuff to dip into the choc, and when i wanna take the marshmallow he snatched it away from me. Lol. Somore the fruits i dip into the choc keep dropping. Before i can even poke the fruit with the stick, he hurry eat it up. Lol. Selfish right. Haha. Louis ate all the bananas cause i don't like. After that Al came.
Had tuition just now. I reached so early uh. Had tuition for 3hrs30mins. Craap uh. Damn long. Gonna have tuition again this Wed. Exam starts tmr. ): Haven't even started studying yet. Ahhhh! I'm panicking yet i'm not doing anything about it. Lol. Miss Toh nominated me for the 'EAGLES' award. Hopefully i get it. Which is why i HAVE to study if i want the 'EAGLES' award.

I don't think i can take the pain anymore;

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