Friday, September 14, 2007

I miss waking up beside you.
To feel the warmth beside me
Knowing that you're right there, just next to me.
Most of all, the way you looked into my eyes
Made me wish i was yours more then ever
I miss staring at you while you're soundly asleep
You looked so calm, so sweet.
Stroking you on the bridge of your nose
It just made me smile to be lying right beside you
I love you now, always & forever will.

Went Balestiar special school for CIP. Only 6 people turned up from my class, effing pathetic la. Lol. Anyway, the school's for disabled children. Their're like damn cute uh. But kinda pity them though. There was this class i had to take care of together with my 3 other classmates, and they were like so adorable. (: Had fun uh. After that rushed back to school for the Prefect's Investiture at CHIJ Secondary School.
The Prefect's Investiture at CHIJ Secondary School was pretty good. Was impressed with the skit and the reception. Right after the whole event, the host of our school brought us to a part of their school to eat. And there were tables set up for us. Felt so grand, like candle-light dinner uh. Haha. Damn cool. It was pretty intresting overall. Talked to the other school leaders, get to know how their school leaders run the events and all. Afterthat met B, who waited for me quite long. Sorrry (: Oh & .. I got to wear a tie and blazer! Haha. Okay that's all for today.

;Happy Birthday to you (:

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