Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm waiting like a dumb fool
Wishing you'd come back.

There, that's what i h
ave been doing.

Craaap! Nadine's not feeling well. Since morning i already wasn't feeling well. Felt so weak and kept having gastric all the way. In school i was struggling to be attentive in class. But my stomach was seriously giving way. Madam Aini came to my class before recess to talk to us about our atrocious results. Mine's okay la. Don't wanna retain again. During recess i just rested awhile. I'm hungry, but when i see food i sort of like get disgusted. And don't feel like eating. Past few days has been like that. Even if i eat something small, i'll feel like throwing up. This happens to me like once in a blue moon. And now, it's back to torture me! Haha. Wth. Okay i think i'll probably end here. Cause i'm feeling kinda dizzy and freaking weak. Thats all for now.

Oh & .. Jasmine, Rakhi, Pabitra, Bandana, Louis & Raihanah, thanks for cheering me up. And Rakhi ! "Thanks" for scolding me even when i don't even know what i did. LOL. Still, i love all of you la.

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