Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sometimes i feel like you treat me as trash
I'm not made of stone, i do have feelings
Or did you not know?
I'm no ATM machine
Still, i do things out of love
Just to see you smile.

Daddy's birthday was before yesterday. Was supposed to celebrate his brithday with him. But couldn't. So gonna make it up to him. Might be having dinner with him on Tuesday. Bought him leather shoes, shared with siblings. Happy Belated Birthday Daddy.

Oh & .. of course i didn't forget.
I love you la. Haha (:

Anyway, had oral last Thursday. Hopefully i did well. I sort of screwed up. I think i talked to fast la. I tend to do that when i'm excited or nervous. Sometimes, i just do that w/o knowing it. Haha. I like planned everything in my head that i was gonna say. Then came the real thing, my mind went blank la. Wth. I was like, oh crap. Just pray hard that i did do well uh.
Oh and adding on more about the Prefect's investiture at CHIJ. The people there kept asking me, ' Erm. Are you local?' Lol. I was like, ' Yeah i am. Why i look like what?' I take afew steps, and there goes the question. Haha. Yeah i get that alot actually.

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