Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Once it was just innocence
Brash ideas and insolence
But you will never get away
With the things you say today

Watched Ratatouille with Mitchell yestreday. We're just CLOSE FRIENDS okay. Don't get the wrong idea. Lol. Anyway, the show was pretty nice. It's about cooking, a rat cooking. Had lots of fun. Mitchell kept crapping around and i kept laughing. His damn funny la. He actually made me laugh so much that my hands like so weak. You know that kinda weird feeling when you're over-excited. If you don't, forget it. Somore he tricked me saying he has a friend whose exactly like me and he needs to buy hr a birthday present. So i was like, ' Is she pretty? She must be cause she's like me' Lol. After the movie we walked around and i saw this top that's effing hot & ex. It's damn nice! I could scream non-stop that it's damn nice. So we went in to see. We were like trying to look for the size. Cause it's Europe size. Size 2 , 3 & 'P'. Yes 'P'. Then that crazy Mitchell said ' wear P la. P stands for puny.' Lol. True enough 'P' was the smallest size. Haha. So went to try it on. Damn nice uh. I kept teling him to introduce his friend to me so that i can steal that top. Haha.We walked home & talked alot of crap on the way. When we reached my doorstep, he gave that mischevious grin and said ' Your early birthday present' . My faced changed 360 degrees la! At first i thought he was just pulling my leg.

Anyway, THANKS MITCHELL. OF COURSE I LOVE THE PRESENT! IT'S DAMN NICE TO THE EFFING CORE. I BET I'LL WEAR IT ALMOST EVERY TIME. HAHA. THANKS AGAIN MITCHELL. oh & .. Thanks for always giving me advice, cheering me up. (: Thanks again Mitchell. You seriously made my day when you handed that present to me. I love it like SO much ! I was all smiles la. Thanks again !! xDDD

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