Wednesday, September 26, 2007

With a movie star face, and the perfect lines
Oh boy i wish you were mine

Finally had a meeting with the prom night people. But doing the execution is another thing. Lol. Anyway, went to the flea market last Saturday. Bought some stuff. Finally got a bag!! (: Haha.
Went for a make-up course. Lol. Mum made me go. Anyway, benefited alot from the course though. It was interesting. The person teaching was a guy from Australia who appeared in the mag recently. Forgot his name. After the course she turned to me and said ' Go see what make up you want then can get for you'. I was shocked la. My jaw practically dropped onto the floor. Lol. Cause those of you who know my mum, she don't allow me or my sisters to put any make up. She's kinda strict uh. And the make-up is from 'The Make Up Store'. Damn ex uh. Products from Sweden. Mum spent $422 on make up. Effing ex. And after that ate at NYDC for supper! Ate ' That Boney Cake' ! Damn nice ! Hees. (:


I'm not afraid of death, as long as i'm with you
You are the other half of me
Vow upon this day, this moment
That i'll love you with every ounce of breath i take till death
And baby, you do make me smile (:

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