Sunday, September 2, 2007

Curious explorer, we took our time.
Slowly disentangling the hidden vines
Of lovers come and lovers lost.
I'd kiss you like i was a drowning man and you were my oxygen

Last Friday had the Teacher's day concert. It was pretty fun for me cause i was involved in the performance. The "honey" dance people had to pull the teachers and dance to the "Do That Thing You Do' song. Lol. So embarrassing la. The whole event was a success. It's kinda satisfying to see a smile on the teacher's faces (: . Right after the dance ate with Raihanah & Shi Kin. But had to leave after awhile cause had camp. I was so sad eh. Wanted to go out with Raihanah & Shi Kin. But got camp.
The camp was pretty fun. Did high elements. High Elements is something like obstacles. But mostly of heights. It's damn fun but scary. There was one where had to do in groups of 3. My group people were Yi Fu, Javier and me. So me and Yi Fu were being blindfolded, and Javier had to lead us. It's 10m off the ground, and there's a cable for us to walk on, but very thin. And ropes hanging from the top. I had a really difficult time balancing. The moment Yi Fu came onto the cable (as i was standing in the middle), the whole cable started shaking. I kept moving back and forth. I couldn't reach for the ropes la. Somore my hands were damn pain and my legs were shaking like mad. Couldn't stand properly. I couldn't reach for the rope even when i walk slightly nearer to the other rope. It took me more then 5 mins to reach for the next rope. Javier was like trying so hard to swing the rope real hard so that i could reach for it. People were like shouting instructions. My group did the longest. I was practically screaming-whining. Lol. So much for having short hands. Yi Fu and Javier were damn patient with me la. Thank goodness for them if not i'd have given up and just fell. They were encouraging me all the way. Including my other group members. Haha. The facilitator of the whole course then asked Yi Fu to take off his blindfold. So that he can also help me. Cause i was having a REALLY difficult time reaching for the ropes. My hands were damn tired. Yi Fu damn funny la. Not only were the cables shaking, the log was shaking like mad. Lol. I had fun overall. There were other elements that i did too. But don't wanna get in too detailed into it.
So, that's all for now.


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