Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today/ You had me captivated

Celebrated Raihanah's birthday with ShiKin, Kamal and some others yesterday. Went to Marina Square food court to eat. Raihanah was looking HOT on that day la. She wore YELLOW skinny's! It was so easy to spot her. She looked really good in those yellow skinny's la. Lol. Anyway, after eating me, Shi Kin and some others left first to get the cake while Kamal brought her somewhere else. We bought her Swensens ice cream Blackforest cake. Celebrated it at a quiet place. Sang birthday song for her then gave her her presents. Bought her a robot tee, platrum necklace and threw in some biscuits. Shi Kin gave her a Ripcurl wallet she wanted and some other awesome stuff too. Me & Shi Kin did a book, that's filled with our pictures and messages from us and some others messages too. Had so much fun uh. I love both of them to the very core laa ! ((: Okay enough talk. The pictures will do the talking (: . Hee.

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