Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A smile i fake,
the permenant wave of cue-cards and fix-it kits.
Can't you tell?
I'm not myself

That smile of yours made me so mesmerized.
Oh you got me in between the hello's & goodbye's.
The things you said to me had me doubt you for a little while.
Yet you never fail to lead me back into your presence
Pulling me in all at once.
And yes, i believe you.
If i could turn back time, i'd over-right the mistakes i made with love & care
Each time i think of you, i start remeniscing about our past.
The silly things we did, laughing at each other with content
Shark Tale comes on tv once awhile, reminding me of you
Our first movie watched together.

And now, i'm still waiting.
It doesn't matter how long.
I believe in us, trust me on this.
As long as you and i love each other, i'll be waiting for the right time ..
For you.

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