Monday, April 29, 2013

Little kitties.

Recently, R and his colleagues found a pair of kittens & decided to bring em home. They were skinny & looked scared. I've been taking care of them for abt a week & sisters brought them to a vet for check up. The kittens are looking very healthy now. Also, they hv been such a joy to play w! They are so soooo puny! Super adorbs!!! We named them Charlie & Sophie (:

 photo IMG_6895_zps67279b0c.jpg
 photo IMG_6892_zpsf90aa8f0.jpg
 photo IMG_6897_zpsc09dc371.jpg
 photo IMG_6896_zps71567762.jpg
 photo IMG_6825_zpsd5d84bef.jpg
 photo IMG_6824_zps0da004d4.jpg
 photo IMG_8634_zps73541406.jpg
 photo IMG_8635_zpsbe305c5a.jpg
 photo IMG_6845_zps49c5d3cf.jpg
Aren't they js the cutest?! So tiny & super soft when carried. Dd has taken up the role of being a patrol police officer ever since i brought the kittens home. She comes into my room & starts sniffing every inch of the place, she stares at the kittens like a hulk & every time they meow, she goes crazy. Haha & she thinks they are moving toys tt makes noises. She attemtped to roll one of em over. Dont worry, we stopped her before she cld do worse!

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