Saturday, April 13, 2013

Risk taker maybe?

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Have u ever been in several r/s & often find yourself wanting to settle down w your partner?
Do the both of u talk abt the future alot? Or isit js u?

"Being in a r/s takes 2 hands to clap. U may fall out of love many times, but someday yknow deep down u'll meet ur soulmate. No matter how long it takes, be patient."
Tt's what everyone says.

But what if, u've met ur soulmate? & Yknow for sure he is the one. The both of u are so happy tgth & the best thing's tt the good actually weighs out the bad. For once, something good is coming out of ur r/s. However, there's only 1 obstacle standing in both ur path.. & It ain't smthing u can solve tt easily. Easier said than done, rmbr? 

Maybe, js maybe, things cld go the way we want it to.. & We wld hv been happier than ever. 
Cause all we want is to busk in our own lil fantasies we make up everynight before gng to bed, right before reality comes hurling down our way.

Just for tt one moment w you.

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