Monday, April 1, 2013

Floral Peplum.

I love floral clothings if u realise most of the clothes i wear hv flowers all over. Hahaha. I don't hv the time to go shopping cause of the line i work in. On my off days i wld sleep in till pretty late. I treasure my off days v much okay! & If i'm not lazy & feel like dolling up, i will go all out. Hahaha.
So anw, i chanced upon a Floral peplum top by Secondskin. I love the colours on the top & the now trending peplum! It's so pretty! I got quite a no of compliments when i wore tt top out tt day.

 photo IMG_8115_zpsa5a93d3c.jpg
 photo IMG_8122_zps2df9d4bd.jpg
 photo IMG_8126_zps9e13d69b.jpg
 photo IMG_8128_zps5d1f52f7.jpg
 photo IMG_8141-1_zps2c85e272.jpg
 photo IMG_8142_zps4679c08a.jpg
I can't believer this is how my hair looks like from the back!! SO NICEEE LA ZOMG!! Hahahaha ok damn bhb i know. But srsly, it's damn nice. LOL! Ruby red on the top & blondish brown at the bottom.
 photo IMG_8146_zps00fd2354.jpg
Heels were bought from solestruck. It's actually an ankle buckle heels. Can't see from the pic as my jeans are covering it.  photo IMG_8144_zps5eff0324.jpg

Top: Secondskin
Jeans: Mango
Heels: solestruck

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