Tuesday, April 16, 2013

R's 24th.

R turned 24 on 2nd April & this year, i did it differently (: I wanted it to be an intimate affair w few ppl & one tt he wld fully enjoy. I planned a lil version of Nad's amazing race for him to complete before getting to his final destination. Sadly, due to time constraint, he only managed to complete 1 stop :(

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I gave him a brown evelope tt reads 'Birthday survival kit'. It contains a drawn map, a set of clear instructions, $2 note, blissful sole namecard, & a $10 Giant/Mrktplc voucher. I gave him sepcific instructions to open the envelope the moment he ended work. He was to read the map against the instructions given in order to understand the map & to get to his destinations. It was easier tt way.
It wld hv been perfect if we had more time though. Made dinner reservations at 7.30pm which i kinda regret. Shld hv made the reservations for next day instead & made more time for the game. His final destination was to New Majestic hotel. We had such a wonderful time there & the bed is superrrr comfy max! Very lovely room.

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I laid a set of clothes i bought for him to wear on our night out on his birthday! So when he came home from work, he saw the clothes laid on the bed js as it was stated in the map/instructions. He was so happy. Hehe ^^

Anw, i'll blog abt our dinner in a separate post! Pics of R's birthday will do for now (:

31–37 Bukit Pasoh Road

Singapore 089845
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The room we stayed in was room 402, & its called "Which way i ought to go".
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 photo IMG_8368_zps44aed8fa.jpg
There's a gym & pool on the 2nd level. The gym facilities are not tt bad.
 photo IMG_8366_zps015f4cf5.jpg
They even go the extra mile by providing the guest w a small towel & chilled bottled water! 
 photo IMG_8361_zpsccfdadbd.jpg
 photo IMG_8358_zpsff65a2e4.jpg
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 photo IMG_8223_zps3b022f5b.jpg
Put arrows on the floor tt led R to the attic where i wld surprise him (:
 photo IMG_8184_zps0ce6ccde.jpg
When i walked into the room, this was the first thing i saw!! DAMN NICE RIGHT?! I straight away went "OMG!!"
 photo IMG_8183_zps8ad124dd.jpg
 photo IMG_8185_zps8a656ed4.jpg
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One of my fav part of the hotel, THE 2 BATHTUBS!! One for R & i! ^^
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 photo IMG_8188_zps104b96bb.jpg
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 photo IMG_8200_zpsddb96e20.jpg
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We counted sheeps before we slept. Hahaha no joke. We rly did.
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 photo IMG_8203_zps079058db.jpg
 photo IMG_8216_zpsb577768c.jpg
Stairs are rly steep as it's a fireman ladder design. So u gotta come down backwards as u hold the railings on the side js like how a fireman wld come down the ladder.
 photo IMG_8192_zps21f93a8d.jpg
The bathroom is damn cool! The shower heads are super high tech!
 photo IMG_8194_zps29930980.jpg
U see the 3 Black "balls"? U can switch it on the same time u are using the shower head above u. Also, there's like another shower hose so u can choose which to use.
 photo IMG_8193_zps1ff33bf8.jpg
Usually i dislike hotel shampoos/conditioner cause it always makes my hair super dry & the texture of my hair becomes worse. But New Majestic hotel provides good quality body wash, shampoo & conditioner! I'm sure many of u hv heard of Khiels.. & It aint cheap.
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 photo IMG_8346_zpsf5e2fecb.jpg
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Razee & Wan surprised R aft our dinner. The boy was so happy!
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 photo IMG_8311_zps3d4c8c2c.jpg
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Loving my sheer pastel blue dress tt night. Esp the back of the dress!

Will be blogging abt the dinner soon! (: Stay tuned! (:

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