Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random snippets of R's birthday.

 photo IMG_8378_zps405c9228.jpg
 photo IMG_8406_zps9ab0b077.jpg
 photo IMG_8415_zps8eb27035.jpg
 photo IMG_8408_zpsa538a8cf.jpg
 photo IMG_6364_zps00c4a625.jpg
 photo IMG_6326_zpsc97e8b13.jpg
Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention in R's 24th birthday post tt thetv can swerve to face the bathtub! HOW AWESOME IS TT! Watch tv while u relax in a tub of warm water. Shiok max!!
 photo IMG_8348_zps2a46d325.jpg
 photo IMG_8351_zps4e6bb9e6.jpg
 photo IMG_8357_zps9aadc75d.jpg
 photo IMG_6375_zps1bb2428e.jpg

A summary of R's b'day all in 1 photo collage (:

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