Wednesday, October 5, 2011


When someone says they'll help you, never be quick to trust. Trust needs to be earned. But when i take your word for it & expect you to get the job done & no progress is made, my trust for you goes back to ground zero.
The world is a harsh & cruel world. Where everyone is so fucked up, selfish & a bunch of liars. Whatever happened to 'Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself?' From now on, i'm not gonna trust anyone, but myself. It's my dream, i'll get it done myself. I loathe procrastinations.. It's a bad bad habit. & I'm not gonna become one. Why on earth do i even bother trying to help others w nothing but GOOD INTENTIONS.. But the only help i was offered had an hidden agenda! How fucking selfish? Gawd i wish i'd hv listened to my mum earlier!

My mum is my perfect role model & she is v successful running her own business. I wanna be as successful as she is. She taught me since young on how to run a business & the kind of people i wld meet. Be it good or bad, she always taught me the basics on how to overcome difficult ppl. Ultimately, if nothing u want gets done, do it your own! For u only know best. & I think i'm gna do just tt! I invested so much money & time into my dream, so i should be responsible for every single fucking detail. I'm nt gonna get any help anymore. I'm pissed.. So freaking mad tt i am so damn gullible! I'm turning 20 soon. Nt gonna be a block head.. Not anymore.

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