Thursday, October 27, 2011

The sweetest smile.

The moment i touched dwn frm the airport i was a busy bee. Hahaha. Rus & Beloved were so sweet to come & pick me up & we had dinner @ Astons. They celebrated my birthday & gave me an Adiddas watch! ^^ Totally unexpected! Plus i needed a watch! Heh super right timing!
Then i had to rush down to my cousins office to discuss some work related things. By then it was gng 12am alr. So R was sucha sweetheart to cm all the way dwn js to pick me up & to wish me Happy Birthday when the clock strikes 12! When i saw him i starting smiling from ear to ear! He was decked in formal wear & he looked so damn cute! Heh ^^ He then brought me to my surprise birthday party where most of my awesome awesome friends were waiting ((: I was so darn happy man. Tt was the night i actually smiled so wide & deep dwn i was truly content.. For the first time in years (: I was mad touched by Beloved, Russell, R, Sk, Rai, Farna, Zubs, Stussy, Kai, Dhan, Faizal, Fad & Razee! (: Thank you for coming all the way down to the airport & to my plc js to celebrate my birthday w me. I appreciate it so much! ^^

& Thanks everybody who texted or wished me on FB! It is v much appreciated & i am touched by everyone of u who bothered to wish me ^^

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