Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ugly eyebags!


Eyebags are becoming more obvious. So friggin ugly. Only time i get to use my comp would be way past 12am aft i'm hme from work. Been pretty busy typing away on my lappy in the wee hours of the morn.. Settling some documents & stuff.

Am in the midst of opening up an Online Shop. Yknow like a blogshop. Ok it IS a blogshop! Hahaha. Clothes arriving next week or so. I suck at advertising. So ima ask momsie for help! Heh ^^ She's good at stuff like tt. Marketing & business related stuff- Momsie's the best adviser! Till then.. I will be updating real soon! I want to sleep. Eyes are about to close alr. Have a great day everyone! (:

P.S. Can't wait for my 2 short hols to Penang & Batam this july! ((: Kinda eggcitedddd! :D

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