Thursday, October 21, 2010


Beneath all tt,
Lies something far greater than you can ever imagine.
If only she was given a chance to see him grow.
& Now she cries herself to sleep, for guilt & shame has filled her up.

Gonna be a superrr long day tmr. Another tiring day ): Oh well. Somehow i'm kinda dreading school tmr. Just got this feeling tt i'm gonna be scolded. Why? Cause it's my turn to be Sous Chef(something like class chairman, but of a higher responsibility) & my chef in charge of tmr's class is damn strict & kinda hard to please. Oh God pls help me tmr!

Ok i'm gonna take a bath & go to sleep though it's js 8pm. Js got back nt long ago from my jog. Am super tired ttm. I'm looking forward to tmr's cgm. After sooo long, i FINALLY get to attend cause school ends at 3pm! (: A great ending to my tiring Friday.

Goodnight! (:

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