Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I did the craziest thing i told myself i must NEVER do! Unfortunately, i am very bad at disagreeing on certain situations. Basically i crumble like a softy when ppl start persuading me. Idk what's with me pleasing others even though i know i should nt do things to please others other than myself! So, after talking so much rubbish.. Ya'll must be wondering what i did righttt??

I CUT OFF A CHUNK OF MY HAIR! Hahaha. The length wise is shorter than i expected. But my fringe is still intact, so when you see me you'll prolly say " Eh like no diff what! " Yeah no diff till i turn ard & you see the length of my precious hair. Oh well. At least it looks less dry. My hair length was at my waist before being snipped off! I'm not that sad cause i know my hair grows back very fast. So it doesn't really bother me. The hair cut was FOC anyway. Done by Toni & Guy academy. They tried convincing me to cut shorter but i was super against it. LOL. I'll prolly post a pic when i feel like it! Hee ^^ Next week they'll be doing highlights for me. Also FOC ^^ Really save my $$ esp when it's the Arise & Build season.

Their voices are absolutely amazing! MUST LISTEN! Super talented pair of twins.

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