Saturday, June 6, 2009


My cousin got married today. He is the first of the Yeo family (mum's side) to get married! Haha. I def did enjoy myself with my relatives. Anyway, their wedding was held at a church. The bride & groom looked really great! (: Woke up early to doll up then headed out fo the wedding ceremony. Food was great. My cousins & i gave out cake till we were perspiring! LOL. Hot weather.

After the ceremony was the tea ceremony which was held at the groom's house. Then we went home, rested for awhile, then changed & headed out for the wedding dinner. Chinese dinner. Tt's where the fun begun. Towards the end of the wedding dinner all my relatives started crowding around our table, making Able drink. His face was lobster red man. No joke. Then they made all my cousins, 22 of us, say a blessing to him then cheers with him. HAHA. Can you imagine how much he drank??! Lol. I was sitting beside him, he felt really hot. I can confidently say tt the Yeo family are damn noisy. LOL. They were the ones making the MOST noise. But, it was hell fun!
The older ones went to a pub after tt. Too bad i'm not 18 yet -.- Anyway this is the first time i drank alot. I felt kinda dizzy and warm. I stopped after my 4th glass of wine.

One word to describe today : AWESOME! :D

The groom & the dad. The dad's the one tt married his son & daughter in law. Cool eh? (:

This page boy's ultra cute. He was soooo shy!

My uncle was trying to take a photo with his son but Raphael refused. Lol his damn funny

Crowded right? It was hot too.

The tea ceremony. Didn't snap much.

Change of clothes! Lol cause next was the wedding dinner (:

My mum, my siblings & me!

My mum & her sisters. Don't they look alike??

They 'kam-pehed' like MANY times. LOL. Poor Able.

Looks nice eh? It's not real la. Lol

My sisters & i with Drunk Able! HAHA

They made him stand on a chair & give a speech! LOL. It was hilarious! I think he was pretty much kinda high. In fact, everyone was. Literally.

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