Saturday, June 13, 2009

Best companion ever are dogs.
They never fail to make you smile,
At the silliest thing they do.

Watched 'Monster vs Aliens' with Beloved and Louis 3 days ago. It's a MUST-WATCH movie cause it's ultra cute & hilarious. We watched the 3D version of it. Kinda cool and giddy. Really love the movie. Haha. I felt like a retard wearing the 3D goggles. Then again, won't everyone in the cinema look like one to? LOL. Anyway, it was a short outing with them but i had fun still (: It's 1.44am now. I gotta turn in. Training tmr morn. Was doing my F&N coursework, which is driving me nuts -.- Oh well. Goodnight ppl! :DDD

The 'Monster vs Aliens' movie.

My fav character of the movie, BOB! Hahaha. His damn freaking cute to the max!! & Really hilarious too (((:

Louis & i (: (I was tip-toeing. Heh)

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