Sunday, June 28, 2009

I hope you enjoyed the several birthday celebrations you had this year. Let is be one of the most enjoyable & unforgettable one you'll always keep in your heart. I've known you for almost 6 years & have def grown closer to you each year. You're def a person who's really determine & really bright :D May your wishes come true. ILY :D

Celebrated Beloved's birthday last Thurs. Surprise party. I met her first, & she thought we were going for a photoshoot. I was texting them every now & then making sure they've reached Henderson Wave. Brought her there & we were complaining how hot the weather was. As we walked further, she soon saw the rest & started smiling. Hahaha then the celebration begun. Played twister & ate chips. After awhile we left for Jurong East swimming complex. We had lotsa fun ((: I'm glad Beloved enjoyed herself.

A birthday kiss for the birthday girl :DDDD

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