Friday, June 26, 2009

Convincing myself to persevere- No matter what.
"Nothing close to perfect", That's what i think.
Trying so hard to be the close-to-perfect girl- For you.
I'd do anything just to see you smile everyday dear.

Photoshoot with Beloved today at my place- Clubhouse. Decided to try water shots instead of the normal ones. Really appreciate her coming down though she was worn out from ytd's outing. She's very pretty & sexy (: Too bad she's taken & her bf treats her very well. Anyway, hope ya'll like em (:
Had night training today. I'm ultra tired. My forearms & fingers are aching. & I did lead 3 times today!! :DDD So proud of myself. I was clinging on to my dear life. Lol.

P.S. Shall update soon on the surprise birthday party we had for Claris as an advance birthday celebration on the 25th June (: Interesting pics will be uploaded.

Model: Claris Goh
Photographer: Nad (Me)

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