Saturday, March 28, 2009

With you, it's different.
Different in a good way.
& I like things better just like that.

Went to a Chinese Doctor today cause my stomach's been very pain lately. The doc said i can't consume any cold drinks or fruits. & There's too much air in my tummy. I texted zy whatever the doc said. & His reply was ultra funny. It made me laugh for quite awhile.

Nad: The doc said i have alot of air in my stomach & cannot take cold drinks & fruits.
Zy: Okay I shall beat the air out of you.
Nad: Hahaha. Idiot. You made me laugh infront of my mum. I shall beat the fat out of you.
Zy: I no fat. You can beat yourself. Lol.

Hahaha. Stupid right tt dumbass. LOL. As i'm typing this i'm actually laughing. When i read those msges i kept laughing like mad. Silent laughter. But i was covering my mouth in case my mum saw. Haha okay enough. I still can't stop laughing.

This is DouDou. Cute right?? She just lay there & slept. Super near the door. She refused to move when my dad wanted to open the door. She's super lazy to the max. She didn't even care tt her tail was caught in the door -.-

Lilo!!! Beloved's dog :DD Cuteeeee! I like her fur super much. It's as soft as a pillow. She's ultra cuteness.

Ponie! ((: Beloved's other dog. Haha. I like her ears in this picutre. Damn adorable. During my sec 1-2 years, CuiLin, Claris & i would play hide and seek with her. Haha damn funny.

P.S. Cui Lian, Ah bi's the only dog i'm super scared of! Haha. He's always barking when i'm standing at your gate outside. I'm so afraid he'll bite me. I must make him like me one day so i can take a photo with him! (: Lol.

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