Monday, March 9, 2009

Back then, our screams would be far worst.
Right now, it's all different.
Changed. Good change.
Now that's something worth fighting for ain't it?

It's been raining non stop!! Especially when school's about to end, it rains -.- Damn weather. It was super chilly today. I had a good sleep during Chem for 2 whole periods. I was super tired. I was battling with my eyes to keep em wide open. Too bad, i failed. Lol. Apparently our class "chaos" is not exactly 'Case close'? It's such a waste of time to even drag it. Math lesson is never gonna resume if this carries on -.-

1 week hols coming soon. Yayyyy! Can't wait :DDDD Oh the momentary freedom from school! (:

I am currently uploading pics in multiply & photo-bucket. Multi tasking. Lol okay whatever. Kay bye! (:

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