Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fireworks flyin, whenever we're together
Well I've made up my mind that I want you to be the one
The one I wanna be with when I'm ninety-two


Celebrated New year's eve with Zheng Yang. Before tt, i met up with Justin & Di Kai to so some shopping. Whom Di Kai was the only one who ended up buying things. Lol. Later on in the evening, the rest joined in. Then i left to meet Zheng Yang & he gave me a gift. When i opened it, i got a shock. He bought me a phone! (: k810i. Same as the phone i dropped into the loo then lost it -.- I love tt phone super much. He's super sweet (: I vow i didn't ask him to buy the phone for me. He brought me to this bridge near Marina Sq. Idk how to explain. But, it's a super super clear view to see the fireworks. We were like practically right infront of the fireworks man. Super superrrrrr nice ((: The bridge was crowded with many people man. It's the right place to take photos of the fireworks. As we had bout 2 hours to spare, Zy & i played card games and the 21 qns games. Haha. Really occupied our time well man. The fireworks were awesome. Most of all,
the person watching it with me made the long long walk and trip to watch the fireworks so much worthwhile. (: & i love him a great deal!

My New Year's resoultion for 2009 would be, to pass my O levels and get my butt into poly no matter what. LOL. (: & Also to attend school REGUARLY! Haha. Tt would be a miracle if it actually happen man.

Before i go.. There are afew ppl i wanna thank. Ppl who impacted my life super much (:

Zheng Yang- We'v been tgth for almost 3 months. I have had so much fun with you throughout. & I am glad tt i met you. I can stare at you for hours & not get bored. Being with you makes me feel really happy & care-free. I thank God so much for sucha wonderful boyfriend who cares and loves me so much. Never once did i get bored of you. I love you so so much my dear (: You're one of the greatest things tt has ever happened in my life & i'm glad it did :DDD i love you!

Beloved- We've known each other for 5 years. & I'm glad to have a wonderful bestfriend to be by my side most of the time. Thanks for cheering me up when i'm down & most of all, being there for me (: & I know there'll always be laughter with you ard. You can be really wild at times. But tt only happens once in a blue moon. Haha (:

Raihanah- 5 Years of friendship, softball-mate for 4 years. You are super nonsensical & kinda blur. Haha. There's never a time where i'd not be smiling with you ard. Your craziness makes our date super fun (: & Thanks for getting me through the toughest times with the funniest sentence you said to cheer me up. & Even though we may be in a diff school, & have our own individual life to run, you'll always be my bestfriend (:

ShiKin- We only got closer 2 years ago during a teacher's day dance. You are super loud. Lol. And like Raihanah, you're also crazy. Thanks for being there for me when i needed you. Though you are graduating from this stupid school, you'll always be my bestfriend & i'm gonna miss you (:

Farna- You are the craziest of the lot! Hahaha in a good way. You do so many crazy things too. You never fail to do & say things tt'd make me laugh. It's always been the 4 of us & always will be (: We can study tgth for O's & you'll always be my bestfriend (:

Justin, Javier, YiFu & Yazid- You guys always do things in school tt'll piss the teachers off. Breaking of rules & all. But that's what makes the day fun when you guys do tt. Lol. Not to mention, your constant teasing of people as entertainment -.- Anyway, thanks for everything & for knocking some sense into me & always being there for me. ((((: With ya'll ard, in or out of school, is def not a bore. It's more like an adventure.. With lots of noise.

Stacy- 2 Years of friendship & my closest-best friend (: I wish you were my little sister. Your freckled face is superr cute. Haha. & You never stop dancing. Plus, you're super smart, always topping the class. I'll never forget the one day i actually saw you angry for the first time. & i found it super funny. Thanks for being there for me & helping me copy down notes when i'm not in school (:

Louis- My 14 years friend & still going (: You are my longest friend ever. Even though we may quarrel sometimes, we make it up by disturbing each other. Most of all, thanks for being there for me most of the time & everything you've done for me. I'll always remember you as the little-tanned-quiet boy in the same kindergarten class as me. (: You'll always always be my closest-best friend.

CuiLian- 5 Years of friendship, & classmate for 3 yeras, & same cca! Haha. I'm gonna miss you!!!!! Haha. Thanks for cheering me up. I'm gonna miss the funniest things you'd say during recess and all (:

Mitchell- Thanks for being there for me most of the time & all your advice. Esp for laughing at me half of the time -.- & For always tricking me! Haha. Thanks for the fun times we had and making our outing a funfilled one (: That i'll never forget.

Daphne- I miss you super much! Haven't seen or talked to you for a really long time. I'll never forget the one time where you texted me 24/7 during the hardest time of my life, making sure i'm okay. Coming to my place a few times to make sure i'm okay. For helping me get back up on my feet & buying me food to eat. I'm really glad to have you as my kamgong girlfriend & will always be (:

Rus- Thanks for all the shity things you say to me. Especially for teasing me all the time! & Also for tricking me! Haha. Still, you're a really nice guy. Plus, you really go all out for the ppl you love. Thanks for encouraging me to take my O's ((:

Steph Chan- I know you do read my blog. How you find it i'll never know. Lol. Anwyay, i've known you since i was P6. & You've always treated me like a little sister. Buying me & my sisters food when our house is like a dessert. Thanks for being there for me & being a great friend (:

My Parents- If not for them, i wouldn't be where i am today. They are one of the most important ppl in my life & always will be. One talks so loud and nags so much. The other talks so much too. But i know they both mean well & i love them both super much (:

Most of all, i thank God for everything tt he did for me in 2008 (:

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