Thursday, January 8, 2009

When you go all jittery & start stuttering,
That's when i know how much you care.
Being with you lights up my day.

Bumped into Cui Lian on the way home with Claris. She looks so nice in her school U (: It was great catching up with her. Anyway, had a school trip to TP. Their organization of things suck big time. A waste of time there man.

Met Zheng Yang after tt. I miss him super much. Haven't met him for afew days. Anyhoos, his school(SP) also having open house. He had to wear formal for his fyp project. He looks superrrrrr duper ultra-normously adorbale! Partly cause his pants are too big. He looks like a small kid in huge pants. Super cute man. Haha :D See the above picture. Superrr cute :DDD He looked super charming to me (((: Haha. He looked kinda studious too! LOL. ((: Kay basically he looks nice & i love him so much.

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